About Odoo it yourself

"With Odoo software, you simplify and streamline business processes, making them more efficient."

"I help you achieve your goals."

"Make your business operations scalable. Save time and costs. Gain better insight into (strategic) management data and ensure desired quality."

"With Odoo, you are better equipped to manage the growth of your company and achieve your goals. 

 Where can you use Odoo? For accounting, for example, or inventory management, production, sales, purchasing, or running an online store. Odoo is perfect for all of these."

"E-commerce specialist and entrepreneur."

"I am Bouke Steemers. E-commerce specialist and entrepreneur, as well as a business consultant, project manager, application developer, and strategic advisor. With my background, I understand the challenges you face as an entrepreneur with a growing business."

"Drawing from my knowledge and experience, as well as genuine interest, I approach you and the processes within your company with a broad perspective."

"I believe that the software you use every day should be super-efficient, flexible, and affordable."

Making Odoo accessible to you.

What I often encounter in practice is that entrepreneurs cannot further grow due to outdated or overly complex software packages.

I believe that the software you use every day should be super-efficient, flexible, and affordable.

Speaking of affordability, with Blue Zebra, I have been assisting larger companies with Odoo for years. However, Odoo is also interesting for freelancers and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

I'll get you started with Odoo.

With Odoo-it-yourself, the Odoo package also becomes accessible to those smaller entrepreneurs. If they can do a lot themselves in terms of setup and implementation, it simply saves costs."

But my assistance remains available, of course. Do it yourself, with a little bit of help. 
And this website is an example of that. Here, I offer:

• Weekly Odoo Consultation Hours
• Practical instructional videos
• Clear Guidelines
• Simple import-templates
• Easy onboarding of new employees


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